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The "Epic Close" strategy I learned from Teresa tripled my conversion rate!
- Matt Hall, Business Owner

Hey Teresa Harding here...

I’m writing to you today because
I’ve finally had it!

I can’t stand to watch business owners like you struggle to master the art of sales..

See, after building sales team in over 60 countries and creating a business that generates over

1 Billion Dollars each and every year in sales

The # 1 Question that I get is:

“Teresa, how can I get better at sales?”

Turns out, people have a pretty
warped idea of what it means to sell
  • Selling is NOT convincing someone to do something they don’t want to do
  • ​Selling does NOT mean I win and you lose
  • ​Selling is NOT hard
  • ​Selling does NOT take years to master
  • ​Selling does NOT mean you need to get used to feeling rejected

You’re Making Sales A Lot
Harder Than They Really Are!

Truth be told, the only reason you think sales are hard, is because you haven’t yet realized you’ve been selling your entire life!

It’s kind of like a fish telling you it’s not very good at swimming.

You’d think it was crazy right?

Well, that’s how I feel when people tell me they’re not good at sales because here’s the truth…

sales is natural when you use 
"relationship based conversion"
  • Allow your prospects to buy from you without you having to "sell" them...
  • ​Hyper-focused on what’s in it for them
  • ​Dealing with insecurity or identify as people-pleasers
  • ​Have forgotten that selling is about
    creating a win/win situation for you and your buyers
Yep, you read that right.
YOU were born a closer,
and whether you realize it or not, you’ve been selling your entire life!
Go ahead, get excited
THIS is a game-changer!!!
Ever since you were old enough to know what you wanted, you’ve been working on your craft.
Being a “good” salesperson simply means you’ve developed a repeatable system for how to get what you want when you want it… PERIOD.
And that’s not just lip service
If You Don’t Ask
The Answer
Is Always “No”
This is something every great salesperson learns early on. No one is just going to give you what you want, especially their hard-earned money! There’s a back and forth that begins with the ask.
Win/Win Is WAY
Better Than Win/Lose
Ever gotten what you wanted despite the other person? Doesn’t feel great does it? Great salespeople do their best to ensure everyone leaves the negotiation feeling like they won.
Integrity Above
All Else
Saying and Doing anything to get what you want is something you’ve hopefully left on the schoolyard years ago. No one likes being tricked, being lied to, or unfulfilled promises.
See What I Mean? You’re A Natural…
All You’ve Gotta Do Is Identify 
YOUR Unique Sales Method
I’m determined to change
the way business owners
approach sales conversations,
and it starts right here,
right now.
No more fitted suits, pictures of your mansion, live streams from your Maserati, or candid pictures of you just ‘chillin’ on your private jet…

We’re putting those kinds of salespeople on blast. The 90’s called and wants their hair gel and filtered images back.
Now I know what you’re thinking…
“Teresa, this sounds great, but I don’t have a Unique Sales Method…”
Lies. Lies. Lies.
We all have a specific way we do things, no matter how small. The problem is most of us are completely unaware of it!

I mean think about it… you probably shower in the same order every day, put your pants on the same way, and put your socks and shoes on in the same order too!

And You’re Right… There Is A Little More To It Than That…

There’s an element of art when it comes to sales.

The good news is… it can be taught!

The ability to consistently close sales isn’t an innate ability that you either have or don’t have, it’s a skill that’s earned and learned.

The sales process is simply about
connecting with your customers,
discovering their needs, and working
together to find a solution that
works well for everyone involved.
The time you take to listen and understand the needs of the person in front of you is directly related to your ability to help them address and solve their needs. It also builds the know, like, and trust factor.
People Buy From
People They Know,
Like, And Trust.
Sales Conversations Become Infinitely Easier When You
Understand How To Up Your Know, Like, & Trust Factor.
This is something I struggled with for years…
My inability to connect with people in an authentic way kept me from having friends, experiencing life the way I truly wanted and was the root cause of a lot of pain…

It took years of me feeling like I was the “black sheep”, the “unlucky one”, and like everyone else had “something” I just didn’t have before I figured it out!

But once I did… everything changed, and I mean EVERYTHING!!!

Now, I’m going to teach you exactly what I discovered. The tools, the tips, the tricks, and the different ways I implemented them to create unlimited confidence, steady conversions & more customers than I ever could have dreamed of.

And Don’t Worry!
  • You Don’t Have To Be That Person, You Know, The One People Are Afraid To Have Over Because They’re Gonna Pitch Everyone In The Room
  • You Can Use These Methods To BOOST Your Sales Numbers No Matter What Industry You’re In
  • You Can Take What You Learn & Make It Yours… This Is About You Learning To Sell In A Way That’s Authentic To You!
Are You Ready? Cuz I’m Ready!!!
I Would Love To Invite You To Become Part Of Changing The Way We Approach Sales Conversations By Joining Me Inside A Brand New Challenge Called…

We are a group of business owners who believe that
if you don’t ask the answer is always no,
that win/win situations
are what successful businesses are built on, and that integrity reigns supreme.

You realize that we (you and me) have the opportunity to eliminate slimy, high-pressure, money-hungry sales tactics by flooding the marketplace with people who actually care about people right?
What is the
15 Day Sales Boost?
The Sales Boost Is A 15 Day Interactive Challenge Where I’ll Walk You Step-By-Step Through Closing With Confidence, Converting Sales Consistently, and Capturing More Customers Than Ever Before!
What’s Inside the Boost?
DAYS 1-5
Becoming Your
Customer’s Advocate
In module one, I’ll teach you how to really get to know your ideal client. Most people skip this step and go straight into sales conversations—a huge mistake. Creating a win/win is so much easier when you’ve taken the time to study your prospect before the sales conversation.
Here’s What You’ll Discover:
  • The #1 thing you need to know about your prospect. If you don't nail this, your close rate will suffer and your sales numbers will always be a fraction of what they could be...
  • How to quickly understand the deepest desires of your ideal prospect. (and, how to position yourself as the go to person to help them get what they want.)
  • The simple, but powerful three-part strategy used by the Top 1% of sales people to help you anticipate the exact questions your prospects are going to ask before they even know. It's so powerful, it's almost like being inside their heads... 
  • How to always stay top of mind for your dream client without nagging, being a "stalker" or being pushy.
  • Sales is service. You'll learn how to position yourself as your prospects trusted advisor to help them make a powerful buying decision and thank you for it!
DAYS 6-10
for Influence & Impact
In section two I’ll help you see just how diligently you’ve been honing your ability to Influence and Impact people your entire life. You’ll discover your unique sales method and learn how to leverage it to close more sales while creating win/win situations between you and your prospects.
Here’s What You’ll Discover:
  • How to use the "flip the script" framework. This will guarantee that your prospect feels seen, listened to and understood causing them to lower their defenses and trust you.
  • The proven "mindset hack" that will help you from feeling uncertain and nervous to having unshakeable confidence in any sales situation. (Once you start using this technique, you'll never feel anxious or have your heart racing in a sales conversation ever again.) 
  • How to ask the RIGHT questions at the RIGHT time. Get these critical questions wrong, and your prospects eyes will glaze over and the sale will be lost no matter how much talking you do...
  • The Communication Equation™ - this simple, proven formula will increase your influence with every word that you say.
  • Sales is more than just words...it's how you say them and the feelings they create. Develop the critical tools for making sure your message carries the right tone and watch your sales conversions soar.
DAYS 10-15
The Art of the Close
In section three I’ll pull back the curtain and demystify the art of the close. You’ll begin to understand what makes a prospect say ‘yes’ and what makes them say ‘no.’ Understanding this will help you guide them through your sales conversation in a way that leads them to a powerful decision every single time.
Here’s What You’ll Discover:
  • How to harness the power of the "Epic Close" to double or even triple your conversion rate. Most people think the close is just a step at the end of the sale conversation...this keeps their numbers small. Once you understand this strategy, you're sales numbers will change forever. 
  • The skill of reflective listening. An almost effortless way to steer and guide your prospect towards a powerful buying decision without ever pushing them to do something they don't want to do.
  • How to overcome objections before they become show-stoppers. If your prospect is giving you excuses and objections, it's already too late. Learn how to squash them before they ever become a problem.
  • The right way to use Price Anchoring to command premium pricing (and make sure your prospect gets the exact right product or service that perfectly meets their needs)
  • How to avoid hearing the dreaded "I need to think about it..." Learn exactly what you need to say and do to inspire your prospect to get off the fence and take immediate action now.
By the end of the 15 Day Sales Boost you’ll have everything
you need to have impactful sales conversations that feel
effortless and result in sales.

Teresa, since going through your training and specifically your conversion training, I have seen the results you promised within less than a week!!!

- Cheri Evans

Teresa gave me the confidence to grow my business by giving me step by step instructions. Because of Teresa I have been able to successfully gain customers and grow my business!

- Shaelene Trees Kays

Thank you so much for this practical, step-by-step, thorough approach and how to proceed. You are a great teacher.!

- Suzanne Schaeffer
Now, much like learning to swim
there’s a process to excelling at a new skill. You start in the kiddie pool,
work your way up to floaties, and eventually the floaties come off.
It’s the same with Sales!
So to help you believe that you can do this
(since I already KNOW you can)
I’m going to give you a little extra help.
When you join the 15 Day Sales Boost,
You ALSO Get:
BONUS #1: Follow-up Secrets
There's an old saying in sales..."The fortune is in the follow-up"

Follow up is one of the most important parts of your business. Use Follow-up Secrets to stay in touch with your prospects and never let sales slip through the cracks again!

If you've ever missed a sale because you didn't know the right way to follow-up or maybe even just forgot, this set of simple step by step outlines will guide you through different parts of the follow up process. 

Follow-up Secrets simplifies the process so much that you'll be able to start using them TODAY!
BONUS #2 - Magnetic Money Mindset Training and Affirmations
Want to know the secret weapon that’s allowed me to create a business that generates over 1 Billion Dollars in sales each and every year? Developing a Magnetic Money Mindset.

Without a mindset that is programmed to attract money into your world, it won't matter how hard you work because you'll subconsciously find a way to sabotage your progress. That's the bad news...

The good news is that the Magnetic Money Mindset training and 7 Powerful Affirmation Audio MP3's  will help you effortlessly remove subconscious roadblocks that stand between you and a much higher income.
BONUS #3 - Clarity and Confidence Masterclass
VALUE $47 
Two key ingredients for massive success in any field are Clarity and Confidence

Achieving your goals in sales, your business and in life will come down to how clear you are on what you want and then having the confidence to go after it. 

In this Masterclass, Teresa will show you exactly how to zero in on what's most important and create Clarity and Confidence in your life.


Teresa Harding's 15 Day Sales Boost ($497 Value)

Follow-up Secrets ($97 Value)

Magnetic Money Mindset ($97 Value)

Clarity and Confidence Masterclass ($47 Value)



"What if I've had a bad selling experience and
I am hesitant to try again?"

I understand, I’ve been in the same situation you are now.
I had a bad taste in my mouth towards any kind of sales.
I would have laughed in your face if you told me I would not only get into sales, but grow a huge team sales team and train other people to do it.
But, that was before I knew you didn’t have to be a typical sales person to be a sales person,
I started sharing my product in a way that put the customers' needs ahead of my own and guess what...

I started to see an insane amount of success!

And, people weren't turned off to what I was doing.

In face, they were thanking me!

I get that people have had bad experiences and honestly, that is one of the main reasons that I made this course. This is going to cha nge the way you approach sales forever.

“I’m not sure I can do this. What if I’m not good at hiring people?”
I used to not be able to walk. Seriously...
I could only get around by crawling around the house and I needed help with everything from eating to washing myself.
Of course, I was 2.
If you're reading this, then you were two as well.
My point is that we all have to learn things to become better.
You learned to crawl, walk and then run and might even take it for granted now.
The truth is, you can become better at anything you put your mind to.
Sales is no different.
There is NOBODY who is just automatically great at it.
But, once you learn the simple fundamentals, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can get great results.
If you’re totally committed to growing a company with long-term success that is built on a solid foundation, you need the skill Selling.
Following the 15 day sales boost, you will have what you need to approach selling with confidence.

"How is this course different? I’ve read so much
about sales. How is this ANY different?"

The stuff you’ve read dispenses theoretical advice which usually applies to Fortune 500 corporations and companies way bigger than yours.
Sadly, there aren't many resources that take you into account - the entrepreneur who’s on the front lines and needs tactical information that can be implemented immediately.
The answers you seek, aren’t contained in a weekend seminar on leadership, a management blog or getting a tip from another business owner who is struggling just as much as you.
You need something you can use today.
You need something that has been battle-tested.
You need a system with action steps.
The 15 day sales boost gives you course materials that are direct and straight to the point.
The 15 day sales boost is different because it is efficient. It gives you the 10% of what you need to DO without having to deal with the 90% of things that will waste your time and money.

“Will I be able to get my employees boosting their
sales numbers as well?”

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it really doesn’t matter how good you are at selling… (Unless you never want to stop working for the rest of your life.) You have to be able to duplicate and teach what you know.
When you get access to the 15 day sales boost, I am going to teach you how to duplicate what you are doing.
In this training, I share exactly how to teach your teams, and employees  these same principles that will get everyone producing more sales so that you have to work less.
Implement what you learn from this training and you’ll find yourself on steady ground.

"Does this stuff really work? How soon can
I expect results?"

While Sales results will always vary, this is a great question.
Here’s what you can expect once you dive into the trainings and take consistent action:
3 days - You’ll have a clear picture of what changes you need to be making in your business to see a significant increase in sales.
3 weeks - You’ll have made some significant changes in your sales approach and you will start to see the fruits of those changes as your sales are increasing.
3 months - Congratulations! You have totally changed the way you have approached sales in the past. You’ll have a hard time imagining why you hadn’t been doing this all along. You are converting sales at a far better rate and seeing the result that you hoped for!
Of course, none of this will happen if you keep reading this page and never get access to the 15 day sales boost! ;)


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