Our Brief History

We live in a society of increasing anger and hate — where our devices and media bombard us with a constant deluge of hostility and violence; where venting hatred has become more interesting and popular than genuine civility, and where it is common to watch, even “LIKE” a video of an argument or violent brawl over something as insignificant as what someone is wearing, which sport team is best, or even over the availability of a parking space or a plastic straw; where the difference of opinion is frequently met with personal attacks and public shaming.

In 2018, the story of Amina Amdeen and Joseph Weidknecht aired on the podcast, Story Corps, showed the urgent need for a serious change in society. Their story was the tipping point for the Principles over People (POP) movement. Tired of the increasing anger, hostility, and hate Principles over People was started by four brothers and a friend.

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Building Momentum

In 2019, Principles over People was incorporated in the State of Utah. Almost effortlessly POP built momentum. It’s growth started, first, with family and friends who resolved to support the movement and live principally-based. Their involvement led others to be invited and commit to principles. Then, in July 2019, POP formally launched its efforts to change the world by ending hatred with principles.

Everyday the Principles over People Movement is growing with new members — individuals, families, schools, and businesses. Its inspired interest as a legitimate and effective strategy in the fight against hatred of every kind. People are eager to join the POP Movement — to pledge their support and participation to end prejudices, inequality, and discrimination in their communities. POP Members have committed themselves to live by a simple standard whether at home, school , or work — to make principles like courage, justice, integrity, hard-work, and love matter regardless of people or circumstance.





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