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Million Dollar Identity

Discover what 20 successful entrepreneurs say is the one thing that led them from where they were to where they are today - from struggling to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck and feeling defeated...to experiencing what it is like to have more than enough, doing work they love, and living lives of contribution. Each author-entrepreneur shares vulnerable stories of moving from a place of pain and lack to a place of impact and abundance.


Discover How to Transform Your Decision-Making and Unlock the Life You've Always Wanted with "The Liminality State"
​Have you ever felt stuck at a crossroads, unsure of which path to take? Do you find yourself regretting past decisions, wondering what could have been if you had chosen differently?
You're not alone. In today's complex world, making the right choices has never been more challenging or more critical.
But what if I told you that there's a way to navigate life's uncertainties with confidence and clarity? A way to transform your decision-making process and, as a result, transform your life?
​Introducing "The Liminality State" – your guide to mastering the art of decision-making and steering your life towards the outcomes you truly desire..